What is 'Mobile Self Storage'?

Mobile Self Storage can remove all the hassle you sometimes get with traditional self storage. Here at Space and Time Storage, we provide our customers with a Mobile Self-Storage Unit and deliver it to their home or business. The Mobile Self-Storage Unit can be left with you to load at your convenience. This can be done during the day, overnight or over a weekend. Once you have loaded your items into the Mobile Self-Storage Unit, close the door and secure with your security padlock which we can provide. If you need an additional Mobile Self-Storage Unit delivering, just let us know. You keep the keys and we collect the Mobile Self-Storage Unit and return it to one of our local self storage facilities for safe keeping. Access to your Mobile Self-Storage Unit whilst in storage is free of charge; simply contact us the day before and we'll have your Mobile Self-Storage Unit waiting for you in our loading bay and you can even drive your vehicle into! When you want your items out of storage permanently, simply contact our storage team with a time and a place and we'll deliver to you chosen address. This can be back to the local area, within the United Kingdom or we can arrange to have it shipped Worldwide!


How big is a Mobile Self-Storage Units?

A Space and Time Mobile Self-Storage Unit is approximately 8' High, 7' Deep and 5' Wide or (2.4m High, 2.1m Deep and 1.5m Wide). We generally say, one Mobile Self-Storage Unit will hold the contents of a long-wheel base transit van; or two Mobile Self-Storage Units the equivalent of a Luton Van load.


Can you help me load my Mobile Self-Storage Unit(s)?

We can always help customers who are unable to load and pack their Mobile Self-Storage Unit themselves. We have an in-house removal team and following a free home visit, we can assess your individual situation and get a quote to you. 


What are your self storage prices?

We are constantly ensuring we offer an excellent level of service and give good value for money. Every customer is offered our 'introductory offer' whichever may be current, and we give additional discounts dependent on length of stay, number of Mobile Self-Storage Units and where the collection is from. We always advise you look at our Offers page which gives full details on how you can save more money with Space & Time Mobile Self Storage!


What is the Mobile Self-Storage Unit made from?

All our Mobile Self-Storage Units are manufactured using Kiln-dried Timber. They are an industry standard among removal companies and mobile self storage operators. Because they are constructed using kiln-dried wood, the material can naturally breathe ensuring your contents don't sweat and therefore reduces the chances of mould setting in.


Will I need to be there when my Mobile Self-Storage Unit is delivered?

One of the many advantages of Mobile Self Storage is that we can deliver your Mobile Self-Storage Unit in your absence; while you're at work for example. Once you make a booking, let us know where you would like us to park the Mobile Self-Storage Unit and we'll send all the information you need to start loading via email or SMS.


How long can I use your Storage service for?

Our storage terms start from as little as 4 weeks. We have been known to offer special deals for customers who literally just need a week here or there. You can have your items in store for as long or as little as you like. Be sure to let us know because additional discounts may apply.


Do you have security-systems in place?

Of course! All our premises are covered by CCTV operating 24 hours. We have monitoring alarm systems and each entrance in alarmed too. If an alarm goes off at any point, out staff are made aware whether we are in the building or not. 


Are my items insured whilst in storage?

You can chose to insure your goods through us or through your own named third-party insurance company. We can insure your goods whilst in store in multiples of £1,000.00. However, we don't stipulate you have to take insurance but it is there for your peace of mind.


Can I store large pieces of furniture in my Mobile Self-Storage Unit?

Yes, you can. Our Mobile Self-Storage Units are designed to hold various household items and furniture. Three-piece suites, white goods, beds, wardrobes. Contact us and we will advise you on how many Mobile Self-Storage Units you will need.


Do you offer discounts for business storage customers?

We can store anything from files to stock, pallets to archive boxes. As each business has different requirements, our business storage rates are reflected in these requirements. For example, for businesses requiring archive storage, you can store as little as ten archive cartons with us and we won't charge you for a full Mobile Self-Storage Unit. You'll simply be charged a box price saving you money on storage space you're not using. 


Can I purchase packing supplies from you?

We offer a full range of packing supplies including bubble wrap, packing cartons, cardboard boxes, packing tape, dust sheets, sofa covers, tape guns and many more products. You can view a full range of packing supplies and we'll add them to your order.


How much notice do I need to give to have my items re-delivered to a new address?

We don't operate notice periods. We always recommend that you give us as much notice as possible just to ensure your preferred re-delivery date. Wherever possible, we will always try and accommodate your ideal day and time.


Which cities and towns do you serve?

Here at Space and Time Storage we are ever expanding our mobile self storage operation throughout the UK. Because of the 'mobility' of our business, we can assist with not only storage in the local area but house removals, business and commercial moves and Worldwide relocation. In addition, we are always on the lookout for like-minded individuals who have the skill-set and capabilities to successfully run and operate a franchise in our self storage company.