Need to free-up some valuable storage space? Use ours instead!

Office space these days comes at a premium. Whether it's archive boxes, stock, pallets or unused office furniture, there are far better ways to utilise these areas of the workplace. By renting a Business Mobile Self-Storage Unit with Space and Time Mobile Self Storage, you can have a secure, off-site solution and turn your dark and dusty areas of the office into lean, revenue making machines!

Archive, file and document storage.

It doesn't take long for last years accounts, invoices and delivery notes to become a torrent sweeping through the office. One archive box soon turns into a dozen and before long it can feel as though you're drowning under a sea of paperwork. With archive storage rates as little as £18.25 (exc vat) four-weekly, you'll be wondering why you didn't choose an off-site storage solution sooner. In most cases we collect your initial quantity of boxes free of charge too!

Stock and pallet storage.

If you're running your business in small to medium premises, why not use our storage space as an overspill solution. Your colleagues can access free of charge and your team can have your very own dedicated group of Business Mobile Self-Storage Unit.

De-clutter the office and make more out of your space.

How many rooms and offices up and down the UK have got an accumulation of stock, stationery and junk crowding space that costs the earth? However you want to utilise these areas, a Business Mobile Self-Storage Unit will be perfect for the job!


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